2015 Graduate Fellows White Papers

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The 2014-2015 CHCI Graduate Fellows moderated the CHCI 2015 Capitol Hill Policy Briefing Series at the Cannon House Office Building during March and April 2015. Each fellow organized and moderated a public policy roundtable discussion comprised of members of Congress, Congressional staffers, public policy experts, and national leaders, tackling some of the most relevant issues affecting the Latino community. The briefings focused on the areas of Education, Natural Resources and Energy Careers, Economic Development, and Health.

Economic Development

"Accessing Government Contracts and Developing the U.S. Economy: Leveling the Playing Field for Minority-Owned Businesses"
  By Ana Pupo, CHCI-Ford Foundation Law Graduate Fellow

"The Earned Income Tax Credit Conundrum: The Unintended Exclusion of Latina/o Children"
  By Israel Nery, CHCI-PepsiCo Foundation Law Graduate Fellow

"Spurring Economic Development in Latino Communities with Housing Policy as the Catalyst"
  By Cheye-Ann Corona, CHCI Housing Graduate Fellow


"One Size Does Not Fit All: Hispanic Serving Institutions and the Viability of a Federal Rating System"
  By Félix Muñiz Jr., CHCI-McDonalds Higher Education Graduate Fellow

"Reaching for 2020: The Role of Latino Community College Success in National College Completion Goals"
  By Tracie Sánchez, CHCI Higher Education Graduate Fellow

"College Knowledge as Cultural Capital (ESEA and Parent Engagement)"
  By Braulio Salas, CHCI Secondary Education Graduate Fellow


"Agua es Vida: Innovative Solutions to Western Water Wars"
  By Alesandra Nájera, CHCI-Shell STEM Graduate Fellow


"Sobreviviendo la Adolesencia: The Inherent Value of Effective and Culturally Competent Mental Health Screening and Assessment for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System"
  By Margarita Chavez, CHCI-Davita Health Graduate Fellow

"Investing in Health to Achieve Equity: Integrating a Health in All Policies (HiAP) Framework to Advance the Promise Zone Agenda"
  By Araceli Gutiérrez, CHCI-PepsiCo Foundation Health Graduate Fellow

"Funding Community Health Centers to Reduce Costs and Protect Vulnerable Populations"
  By Grant Barbosa, CHCI-PepsiCo Foundation Health Graduate Fellow