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CHCI Recognizes Henry Fernandez as the Recipient of the 2014 Medallion of Excellence for Distinguished Alumnus

CHCI Announces its 2014 Distinguished Alumnus Award Recipient

The CHCI Alumni Association (CHCI-AA) is proud to recognize long-time supporter and CHCI Board of Directors Member, Henry L. Fernández, Ed.D, as the recipient of the 2014 Medallion of Excellence for Distinguished Alumnus. This prestigious annual award recognizes a CHCI alumnus who has made an outstanding contribution to the Latino community and who has thereby achieved distinction. It is meant to highlight the impact of CHCI's programs and the prominence of its alumni. As an alumnus of the CHCI 1987-88 Fellowship Program, Fernández has played an integral role in not only the growth of CHCI, but also the formation of its nearly 3,000 strong alumni network. He has served on CHCI’s Board of Directors for the last five years and currently holds the position of CHCI Treasurer.

Henry Fernández serves as program officer for USA Funds, coordinating efforts that reach state government policymakers, Hispanic Members of Congress, and other stakeholder groups. He is responsible for millions of dollars that USA Funds invests annually in philanthropic programs that advance its nonprofit mission, including its national scholarship program, support to other scholarship-providing organizations, outreach programs such as USA Funds Unlock the Future® for middle-school students and their families, and other endeavors that help families scale barriers to higher education.

Fernández has more than 25 years of experience in education. Prior to joining USA Funds in 2004, he was a program director for Lumina Foundation for Education. His experience also includes work in corporate philanthropy and service as director of the Peace Corps Fellows Program, as well as work as program administrator for New York’s Teachers College, Columbia University. Earlier in his career, he served as an elementary-school principal and teacher. Fernández has served on a number of boards, including those for the NALEO Educational Fund, Grantmakers for Education, and Advocates for Youth. Fernández also served as an elected-official on the Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township of Indiana for eight years. He currently serves on the Honorary Board of Excelencia in Education, in Washington, D.C.

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