Charter Communications and CHCI

Capstone Donor (formerly Time Warner Cable)

In 2014, as part of CHCI’s 37th Annual Awards Gala, CHCI received a generous $1 million multi-year grant from Time Warner Cable to support CHCI’s Building Our Future, Together campaign. The grant will help CHCI transform its new headquarters into a 21st Century Leadership Center. In May 2016, Charter Communications announced its merger with Time Warner Cable and we look forward to their continued commitment to Develop the Next Generation of Latino Leaders.

CHCI-Charter Communications 2016 Summer Interns

Time Warner Cable, now Charter Communications, has supported our mission since 2011 with a $300,000 investment in CHCI internship programs, helping us bring young Latinos to our nation’s capital for a life-changing educational experience. They have also worked to promote CHCI’s educational mission to the company’s employees, customers, and communities it serves. The planned 21st Century Leadership Center will enable even more young Latinos from around the country to participate virtually in CHCI’s renowned programs designed to prepare them for leadership roles in society.

Together with our Cornerstone and Capstone donors, Charter Communications is ushering in a period of expansion for CHCI and ensuring the availability of programs for thousands of high school, college and post-graduate students nationwide. The support of partners like Charter Communications is critical to ensure that students have the opportunities they need to succeed in school and the workplace. Together, we are building the workforce and leadership of tomorrow.