Dell and CHCI

“Dell is proud to join with the CHCI to help Latino students grow and thrive and I applaud CHCI’s efforts to educate, empower, and connect the next generation of U.S. leaders… Congratulations to Representative Rubén Hinojosa and Esther Aguilera for translating their vision of increased educational attainment into over 8,500 CHCI alumni success stories.”

Michael Dell, Founder and CEO of Dell, Inc.

Cornerstone Donor


Throughout its partnership with CHCI, Dell has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the CHCI mission of educating, empowering, and connecting America’s future Latino leaders. For more than nine years, Dell has been a generous supporter of CHCI, investing more than $2.1 million on educating and developing the next generation of Latino leaders.

Aside from its generous contributions to CHCI events, Dell has also donated top-of-the-line laptops to CHCI scholarship recipients, significantly transforming the lives of hundreds of Latino college and graduate students.

Dell has also connected the best of its own corporate executives with CHCI by serving on our Advisory Council, providing the crucial expertise and vision needed to manage the rapid growth that CHCI is currently experiencing.

In 2013, Dell graciously provided CHCI with over 11,500 square feet of first-class office space in Washington, D.C. to use as our interim headquarters while we continue to raise funds for our 21st Century Leadership Center. Thanks to their support, CHCI staff can carry on our mission of educating and developing the next generation of Latino leaders.