State Farm and CHCI

“CHCI’s comprehensive approach to Latino leadership development works towards filling the talent pipeline.”

Steve Aguilar, Operations Vice President, Hispanic Business Strategy Group

Cornerstone Donor


For the past 20 years, State Farm™ has been a generous supporter of CHCI and its mission, investing more than $2.5 million on educating and developing the next generation of Latino leaders.

State Farm’s vision of helping to build safer, stronger, better educated communities has led to its direct support of CHCI’s youth leadership initiatives. By sponsoring CHCI’s National Directory of Scholarships, Internships, and Fellowships for Latino Students, State Farm has provided a vital resource for young scholars to achieve their educational and career goals.

State Farm has also directly supported CHCI’s mission by connecting the best of its own corporate executives with CHCI. Through the service of State Farm executives on CHCI’s Advisory Council, State Farm has provided crucial expertise needed for strategic planning, helped to manage the rapid growth that CHCI is currently experiencing, and further expanded CHCI’s powerful network of leaders.

State Farm’s role as the founding sponsor of the Ready to Lead Next Gen (R2L NextGen), further demonstrates State Farm’s keen understanding that the strength of our country is tied to the success of our growing Latino leaders. Previously known as the High School Latino Leaders in D.C. Program, R2L NextGen brings promising young Latinos from across the nation to Washington, D.C. to learn about how the Federal Government works, meet important leaders, visit historic sites and develop a deeper understanding of how they can affect positive change in their communities and their nation.

Adam Ochoa

Adam Ochoa

“R2L NextGen has opened doors to remarkable things to come. I will take the memories, contacts, skills, and friendships I gained in Washington, D.C. everywhere life takes me.”

Adam Ochoa

2013 R2L NextGen participant