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Alejandra Silguero, Amazon STEM Public Policy Fellow
Hometown: Flushing, New York
School: Lehigh University
Degree: B.S. Business Information Systems

Placement: Office of Representative Juan Vargas

Alejandra Silguero was born and raised in Queens, New York in the Astoria neighborhood. She is the proud daughter of Paraguayan immigrants, who are the driving force in her life. Growing up she felt like an outsider, as she was the only Paraguayan in all of her classes and found it difficult to relate with her peers. As a result, she became a fierce advocate for Paraguay and Paraguayan culture which would transfer into her passion in advocating for the underrepresented and unseen.

From a young age, she was told that education would be the key in achieving the American Dream. As a first generation college student, she made it her goal to make the most of her college experience. She graduated with a B.S in Business Information Systems from Lehigh University. During her time, she became involved in various leadership positions and remains a proud sister of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. She received scholarships that enabled her to travel to Cambodia and the Czech Republic and learn about the various business and social methods of each country.

In the future, she is looking to work in a securities or IT position and encourage women of color to become involved within the STEM field. As a CHCI Public Policy, she is looking forward to understanding the intricacies of the legislative process and how it affects the business world.