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Name: Alma Acosta

Hometown: Brea, California

CHCI Program(s)/Year: Public Policy Fellowship 2012/2013

Placement 1: Urban Institute Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center

Placement 2: Office of Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham

Current Position/Organization: Executive Director at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus

I am very thankful for CHCI since the program was crucial in launching my public policy career. I view the CHCI network as a network of friends, allies and mentors ready to help young Latinos reach bigger and better career attainments.

Through CHCI, I was able to move across the country to DC as a fellow and make critical connections and pick up new skill sets by doing my placements on the Hill and off the Hill. These lasting connections continue to be vital for me as the Executive Director of the CHC.

In addition, I made a very vital connection in CHCI, which is finding my life partner, Daniel Lind so I will always be eternally grateful to CHCI for the doors it opened and for the amazing friends and family I have gained though the program.