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CHCI-Coca Cola Congressional Intern
Hometown: Forth Worth, Texas
School: University of North Texas
Major: English
Placement: The Office of Representative Sylvia Garcia

Andrea was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. She is the second child of two and was raised by teenage parents. At a young age, the importance of education was instilled in both her and her brother. She graduated with her Associate of Art’s degree from Tarrant County College before receiving her high school diploma. By completing her associate’s during her high school career, she stepped onto the campus of The University of North Texas, as a junior. She was also chosen to be a scholar for the Greater Texas Foundation, based on her extra-curriculars, volunteer work, and academic accomplishments.  In addition to her academic accomplishments she was part of the 2017 class of the CHCI R2L NextGen Program, a week-long visit to D.C., designed to teach leadership and civic engagement.

After completing her bachelor’s degree in English and minor in Political Science, Andrea plans to attend graduate school to pursue a master’s degree in Business Management. After completing her education, Andrea plans to work for the National Education Association to ensure a quality education for both Latinos and lower-income families. As a CHCI intern, Andrea hopes to further her leadership experience and make crucial connections in D.C. so that she may make meaningful change in her future endeavors