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CHCI-Toyota Intern

Hometown: Houston, Texas

School: University of Texas at Austin

Major: Government

Placement: The Office of Rep. Henry Cuellar

Carlos Diaz was born in Honduras and raised in Houston, Texas. Before he entered middle school, Carlos and his mother moved to Houston for a better life. Growing up in Houston’s inner city Carlos saw how violence and poverty affected the lives of his close friends. The harsh realities and the socio-economic issues affecting his home country embedded a sense of activism in Carlos.

Carlos is currently a government major at the University of Texas, where his deep interest in Latin America encouraged him to become a research assistant for projects related to the region. Carlos also works part-time as a writing tutor helping his peers. After graduating, Carlos plans to apply to graduate school to study international relations.

As a CHCI Intern, Carlos seeks to hone his professional skills by working under a U.S. congressional member and learning from other Latino scholars like himself. Carlos is certain that maintaining an open mind will allow him to learn valuable lessons during his internship. Furthermore, Carlos is sure that through diligence he will foster leadership qualities that will help him one day serve the Latino community.