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CHCI-HEP CAMP Association Intern

Hometown: Moscow, Idaho

School: University of Idaho

Major: Secondary Education

Placement: The U.S. Department of Education, Office of Migrant Education

Carlos Vazquez was born and raised in a small town in Southern Idaho. He is a first-generation college student and a first-year student at the University of Idaho. Carlos hopes to obtain a bachelor’s degree in secondary education and continue on to graduate school to earn a master’s degree in education administration.

His passion for giving back to his farmworking community across the nation is what drives him to be the most outstanding individual he can be. His family is his motivation; both parents continue to work long hours under stressful conditions while his oldest sister is required to stay at home with her two kids due to a chronic illness. Carlos aspires to make his family proud and be a role model for individuals who share a similar background.

As a CHCI and HEP CAMP Intern, Carlos hopes to fully embrace the experience and accomplishments that come with such successful programs. By being exposed to a different environment, Carlos hopes to enhance his ability to become a community leader that will one day influence others in the Latino community.