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Carolina Gonzalez – July 2012 Scholar of the Month

CHCI-United Health Foundation Scholar Intern

Hometown: Pocatello, ID

Degree: B.S., Biology

School: Idaho State University

Growing up in a less privileged community has not only offered financial and academic challenges, but it has more importantly made me realize the value of a college education. The news of receiving the CHCI Scholarship brought tears to my eyes as I realized I was one step closer to my goals. After watching my parents struggle in life, I realize I have to do more for my future. This is why I work hard to excel school and in life.

I enjoy my education at Idaho State University. I plan to pursue a Bachelors degree in Biology as my undergrad and will continue my education in medical school. As a physician I will have the ability to help those less fortunate and under-represented. This award has given me direction to continue providing my services to the community.

Without scholarship patrons like you, there would be many students such as myself unable to pursue the career they’ve dreamed of. I commit myself in hopes that one day I too will be able to help students achieve their goals, just as you have helped me. Thank you again for your support and for facilitating my college experience.