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Hometown: Mountain Dale, New York
School: SUNY Oneonta
Major: Communications Studies
Placement: The of State and Grantee Relations, Dept. of Education

Catherin was born into a big Honduran family that has encouraged her to become a strong, hard-working person. The struggles she has endured has inspired Catherin to become the leader, she is today. She is always looking to improve herself in everything she does. Catherin is currently a first-year student at the State University of New York College at Oneonta with a declared major in Mass Communications. She has always been very passionate about her education because it is a tool that will strengthen her leadership and allow her voice to become an asset for the Latino community. Catherin embraces her past struggles because they remind her of all the hard work and perseverance she has put to get to this moment in her life.

As a CHCI and CAMP intern, Catherin hopes to learn what it means to have a voice in a political atmosphere. She is ready to gain real life experiences on how to become a political leader that will one day will represent the Latino community and all other minorities.