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Christian Amador – June 2010 Scholar of the Month

CHCI-Cruise Industry Scholar

Hometown: Yuma, AZ

School: Arizona Western College

Major: AA, Spanish

1. What field of study do you intend to pursue if you receive the CHCI Scholarship? How will it benefit the Latino community?

I would like study Environmental Science and hopefully get into Ecology. When I graduated from high school, I thought I wouldn’t be able to continue my education because I could not afford college. It was all too expensive for me and I settled on the idea of not going to college. My life perspectives have changed with the awareness that CHCI makes college education possible for the Latino community. This scholarship means that someone out there has given an opportunity to a student they don’t know- their trust and money- so that somebody can continue with their education. I feel very lucky to be that one and I look forward to giving back to my community what CHCI has given to me.

2. How Has the Scholarship Changed Your Life?

Everything has changed for me because of the CHCI Scholarship. It has made me realize that I can continue my studies and eventually graduate to become a professional. I am inspired to work harder, and achieve better grades, and to look forward to my dream. CHCI has made it easier for me to attain my personal goals. I am able to purchase books, pay for tuition, and get the necessary materials to ensure my success in college. CHCI has made a college education possible for me, and I know now that I will succeed.