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CHCI-PepsiCo Foundation Nutritional Health Public Policy Fellow
Hometown: Arlington, Texas
School: Texas Tech University
Degree: B.S. in Biology
Placement 1: The Office of Representative Steven Horsford
Placement 2: American Hospital Association

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Policy Briefing: Irrigating Food Access Equity: The Pathway to Eliminating Food Deserts in Southern Texas

Christian Jimenez was raised in Arlington, Texas. He is the son of immigrants who devoted their lives to provide their children with a chance to achieve their highest aspirations and goals. He is inspired by his parents’ work ethic, humility, and compassion for others. Growing up in a low-income community, Christian learned to seize every opportunity. He also developed an exemplary work ethic because of the economic adversity his family faced upon their arrival to the United States. Christian’s humble beginnings shaped his interest in political issues that have affected his community: affordable healthcare, economic advancement, education reform, and environmental justice.

As a first-generation student and active leader in his community, Christian has been a distinguished beneficiary of numerous scholarships, community awards, internships, and global research opportunities. In 2019, he earned a Bachelor of Science in biology from Texas Tech University. During his tenure at Texas Tech, Christian served as an exceptional Research Associate in two focus areas: HIV and Cancer therapeutic research. In this role, he helped grow the global understanding of these diseases and accelerated the research timeline for new therapies. Christian also served on the medical leadership team for a student-organized free clinic that serves at-risk populations in Lubbock, Texas. Working with uninsured patients broadened Christian’s understanding of the intersectional issues present in healthcare, such as socio-economic barriers, cultural gaps, and the urgent demand for medical professionals in underrepresented areas. Inspired by his holistic medicinal philosophy, Christian founded the undergraduate-led Latino Medical Student Association. Understanding that the disparity of Latino healthcare professionals is a widening issue that more communities continue to face, through this platform Christian expects to increase patient rapport and medical school enrollment from minority groups.

Christian is a visionary leader and an aspiring physician with the goal of pursuing a career in family medicine. As a CHCI Public Policy Fellow, Christian wants to gain an understanding of healthcare policies, laws, and governmental regulations in order to make advancements in federal health policies affecting underrepresented communities. After completing medical school and residency training, Christian looks forward to serving his community in Arlington, Texas as both a physician and a public official.