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CHCI-Coca Cola Intern
Hometown: Hallandale, Florida
School: Florida International University
Major: International Studies
Placement: The Office of Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

Daniela De Los Angeles Cubillo was born in San Jose, Costa Rica and emigrated with her family to Miami, Florida, where Daniela grew up and went to school.  From a young age, Daniela realized that families of color and lower incomes faced unfair challenges and burdens in this country and around the world, igniting within her a passion to bridge the many gaps. She partnered with local non-profits that allowed her to create and teach health curricula for teenage students, advocated for improvements to child welfare services programs, and worked with younger students through literacy campaigns.  As a teen, Daniela was at risk of being placed in foster care and homeless shelters due to family relations, further motivating her desire to find and help build a community to stand with.

In college, Daniela began to focus on the challenge’s women and families face.  She majored in International Relations and Community Health, merging her keen ability to connect with others and her desire to eradicate disparities.  During her freshman year, Daniela was selected as a Howard University Pipeline to Maternal and Child Health Professions Program scholarship recipient, where she studied inequalities in health care for women of various backgrounds and income levels. As a junior in college she worked at the International Community of Women Living with HIV-East Africa (ICWEA) in Ssenge, Uganda. Throughout her undergraduate career, Daniela volunteered with several organizations and started many projects focusing on the health and safety of women and families, including writing health curricula for Washington D.C. public schools and Miami-Dade County public schools, lobbying and organizing for Planned Parenthood, and providing support for rape survivors across campus.

Daniela’s commitment to social activism and policy change continues to motivate her. Daniela is a firm believer in inspiring women of all ages to speak up and stand tall for what they need and believe in. As a CHCI intern, Daniela hopes to gain insight on the legislative process and work towards more inclusive civil rights.