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CHCI-Comcast Congressional Intern
Hometown: San Jose, California
School: University of California, Davis
Major: Political Science
Placement: The Office of Representative Luis Correa

Esmeralda Mendoza was born in San Jose, California. Her parents come from humble beginnings and migrated from Michoacán, Mexico over 30 years ago to provide her family with the abundant opportunities America has to offer. Once her parents settled in San Jose, her family taught her the significance of hard work and the importance of taking advantage of all the resources that are available. Thus, with strong support from her family and teachers, Esmeralda was able to excel at Latino College Prep Academy and became a first generation college student.

Esmeralda is a fourth year Political Science student at the University of California, Davis and is eager to begin her research on the effects of Latin American migration in relation to American policies along the US-Mexico border. She plans on becoming an attorney to help families from low socioeconomic backgrounds receive fair representation in a court of law.

As a CHCI intern, Esmeralda’s goal is to learn more about policy implementation and policy feedback in order to translate this knowledge to her study on migration patterns on U.S. policy.