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Esperanza Perez – November 2013 Scholar of the Month

2013 CHCI-Cruise Industry Charitable Foundation Scholar

Hometown: Apopka, FL

School: University of Central Florida

Degree: B.S., Finance & Accounting

In 1999, I graduated from high school with the hope of attending college. However, my plans changed. For 12 years I remained in the work field and began a family. Finally, in 2011 I began taking my first college courses – a dream fulfilled. It is only through the support of scholarships that I have been able to succeed in college and pay for the necessary expenses. The CHCI scholarship allowed me to achieve my dream of attaining my college degree in Finance and Accounting and my higher education goals.

Over the next year – as I work towards completing my Bachelor’s degree – the CHCI scholarship will help me pay for my tuition and other school expenses. Without the support of this scholarship, I would not be able to pay for this out of pocket. Furthermore, I have the opportunity to focus on maintaining a high GPA, get involved in various student organizations and clubs, and help other students in their paths to academic success. It is a true honor to have received this scholarship and I am appreciative for the trust that the scholarship committee has in my ability to succeed academically. Most importantly, this scholarship investment helps pave the way for my successful future as I work on building the skills in college that will help me succeed in the work field. Upon my graduation I plan to continue giving back to my community and helping others throughout my career.