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Name: Francisco J. Uribe

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Senior Manager, State & International Government Relations, The Home Depot

CHCI Internship 1993: Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes-Norton

1. What have you been doing since you finished the CHCI program(s)?

Upon completing the CHCI program, I worked at the White House Office of Public Liaison before accepting a political appointment with the Clinton Administration as Assistant to the Attorney General in the U.S. Department of Justice. I worked for Attorney General Janet Reno for two years before returning to Los Angeles to work for Congressman Xavier Becerra. After three years with Congressman Becerra, I accepted a position as Director of Government and External Affairs for Verizon where I worked for 9 years. I currently serve as Senior Manager of Government Relations for The Home Depot where I am responsible for government relations in the Western U.S., Puerto Rico, and Mexico.

2. What impact did your CHCI experience have on your career and development as a leader?

CHCI was an invaluable experience that positively altered the course of my professional career. It opened up my eyes to opportunities that I didn’t realize were available to me. I started my CHCI experience excited to make the most of a relative brief time in DC, not realizing that I was going to encounter people/mentors who had a genuine desire to help me succeed, which lead to my moving to DC to serve in the Clinton Administration.

3. How have you stayed engaged in community service?

I am fortunate that in the various career opportunities I have had, a part of my responsibilities have included that I be connected with the community. Even in the private sector, I see myself as a bridge linking the community to the corporation and vis a versa. I contribute my time to various community based organizations as a member of the board of directors and try to volunteer my time as much as possible. I am mindful of the fact that I stand on the shoulders of others who contributed their time and talents so that CHCI and other similar opportunities could be available for me and all of us who have benefited greatly from them. All of this reinforces my commitment to continue to give back toward the betterment of my community.

4. What advice would you give current and future CHCI participants?

Embrace every opportunity. Always do your best to demonstrate all that you have to contribute as a CHCI participant and if given the chance, as a career professional. Make the most of it and have fun.

5. Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?

I would like to continue to have a career that motivates me and challenges me with new learning opportunities everyday. Doing my part to help our future generations.