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CHCI-HEP CAMP Association Intern

Hometown: South Haven, Michigan

School: Michigan State University

Major: Pre-Law Humanities

Placement: The Office of Sen. Chuck Schumer

Guadalupe Perales was born and raised in the small city of South Haven, Michigan. She continued to live in Michigan after her parents decided to move to Zacatecas, Mexico, because they agreed that the best option for Guadalupe was to stay in the United States and receive a better education as an American citizen. Guadalupe grew up in an environment where immigration status was a problem and wanted to do something to help her family and Latino community. From then on, her dream has been to become an attorney and impact people’s lives.

In the fall of 2016, she became a Michigan State University Spartan and declared her major in pre-law humanities. Guadalupe is tired of seeing families get separated because of financial problems and immigration status. She knows how it feels to grow up and not have parents by your side. All the struggles Guadalupe had to go through serve as her motivation to overcome all the challenges that come her way.

As a CHCI and HEP CAMP Intern, Guadalupe hopes to expand her legislative knowledge and develop her personal and professional skills. She is looking forward to receiving first-hand experience that will help her become a successful community leader.