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CHCI-Shell Intern
Hometown: Manassas, Virginia
School: Yale University
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Placement: The Office of Rep. Tony Cardenas

Ivan Lima-Bravo was born in Manassas, Virginia. He comes from a low-income, Mexican-American background, and will stay forever grateful to his spirited parents for their contributions to his education. He graduated from Osbourn High School and The Governor’s School at Innovation Park, and is presently attending Yale University as a Mechanical Engineering major. Ivan studies Mechanical Engineering because the major is one that inherently helps others. He hopes to enter the renewable energy sector so he can contribute his knowledge to the growing field that has the potential of decreasing our global emissions while simultaneously providing clean energy to those most in need of it.

Throughout his time at Yale, Ivan has dedicated his time to mentorship and community service. He spends time as a reading tutor at New Haven Reads, a local nonprofit dedicated to aiding students from nearby schools struggling with their reading ability. While visiting his hometown, Ivan volunteers with the Don Bosco Center, an organization that provides a safe and amiable place for local children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Ivan’s greatest concern is the well-being of others, which motivates him to take part in community service and to continue learning about engineering.

As a CHCI intern, Ivan will mindfully learn about the legislative process, both the technical and qualitative concepts essential to becoming a politician, so that he can become an advocate for the Latinx community when he graduates, and add to the orgullo hispano of this country.