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CHCI-Prudential Intern
Sugar Hill, Georgia
School: George Institute of Technology
Major: Business Administration
Placement: The Office of Rep. Kathy Castor

Jennifer Salcedo was born in Georgia to two proud Mexican immigrants who left Mexico in the pursuit of a better life. As the daughter of an alcoholic, she was often faced with choosing between helping care for her mother and younger brothers and doing what she needed to do to shape a sustainable future for herself. This dilemma forced her to develop self-discipline; she understood her education would be a ticket to a better future.

Jennifer knew the educational disparities disproportionately affecting students of color, and in high school became involved with a non-profit organization called HOPE to increase the graduation rate among Hispanic youth. As she began college, she knew she wanted to continue to use HOPE as a platform for social change. She would go on to become a District Supervisor, Graduation Coach, and Graphic Designer. Her passion for her community stems from her belief that education destroys poverty and thus, destroys oppression.

Jennifer is pursuing her bachelor’s in Business from Georgia Tech. Her work ethic has netted her leadership positions and awards, internships on Wall Street and invitations to join two prominent business fellowship organizations. She hopes her story can serve to instill in others the belief that how you respond to your circumstances ultimately defines your life.