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CHCI-Amazon STEM Public Policy Fellow
Los Angeles, California
School: Mount Saint Mary’s University
Degree: B.A. in Business Administration, specialization in Management
Placement 1:
Office of Human Resources Solutions, U.S. Small Business Administration
Placement 2: U.S. Representative Ro Khanna

Jessica Lopez is a first-generation Guatemalan-American with an immense desire to continue shaping her community. She was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, raised in Coatepeque, Guatemala, and cultivated in Los Angeles, California. She is the result of her parent’s sacrifice and persistent hope for a better tomorrow. Her parents taught her that one small random act of kindness could change a person’s life, and to impact as many people as possible through her actions.

As a recent graduate, Jessica found herself choosing between a full-time job offer or an unpaid internship with the City of Los Angeles; she chose the latter and never looked back. During the past two years, Jessica deciphered and enforced city contract law pertaining to business diversity and inclusion practices, assisted in streamlining business resources for the city, and increased political representation in her community. Her experience working with the City of Los Angeles ignited her passion for helping businesses, specifically in navigating public contracts.

Jessica graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with an emphasis in management from Mount Saint Mary’s University (MSMU). She pursued this degree because she enjoyed analyzing organizational decisions and strategies. There she held multiple leadership roles increasing Latino representation, social, health, and wellness awareness, and coordinated the school’s tour guide program. As a senior, she was selected to represent her school at a seminar for the Public Leadership Education Network in Washington, D.C., on a full scholarship. MSMU’s mission of being socially responsible across all fields and careers has shaped Jessica’s entire view of the world.

Jessica is an aspiring young professional who wants to acquire skills in business development and public policy. As a CHCI Public Policy Fellow, Jessica hopes to steer her future into a career aimed at empowering businesses, supporting sustainable policies, and preparing businesses for the future effects of technology.