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CHCI-Walmart Intern
Hometown: Chelsea, Massachusetts
School: Bates College
Major: Political Science
Placement: The Office of Rep. Lou Correa

Katherine Cabral was born and raised in Chelsea, Massachusetts. When her parents attended school in the Dominican Republic, they were unable to further their education due to financial circumstances. As a result, they had to support their families through full-time jobs. Their yearning for their children to pursue a good quality education is what led them to leave behind their families and embark on a journey to an unknown country for a new beginning. In their transition to the United States, they instilled in their children a love of learning.

Katherine’s experience in higher education is constantly affected by her identity as a first-generation student. She’s had to navigate through the college process, locate resources to pay for educational expenses and maintain a work-life balance. Katherine has made it an intention to advocate for increasing funding in local elementary and secondary public education. During her time at Bates College, she served as a core team member of Bates Student Action to mobilize students around the Bates Affordable Education Campaign. This campaign demanded financial transparency, affordable textbooks and eliminating laboratory fees. She believes that every student deserves the opportunity to have an affordable quality education.

Katherine is a junior pursuing a Politics major at Bates College. She hopes to return to her home community and represent them as a city manager (equivalent to a mayor). As a CHCI Intern, she aspires to research the intersections of educational inequalities and environmental justice in communities of color. She plans to bring the knowledge and skill set that she develops throughout her time in D.C. to mobilize community members and key leaders in her hometown of Chelsea.