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CHCI-College of Southern Nevada Intern
Las Vegas, Nevada
School: University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Major: Business Administration
Placement: The Office of Rep. Barbara Lee

Linda Loya is currently attending the College of Southern Nevada, working towards her Associates of Business. Her family came from the Municipality of Belisario Dominguez in the rural desert outskirts of Chihuahua, Mexico. Her family has resided in this tiny village for countless generations, making a living as farmers and bakers. Just like so many first generation students in this country, behind all of Linda’s accomplishments stands the insatiable desire to make her family proud, to rise above any and all circumstances and make their sacrifices worth it. For Linda, there is also the much larger understanding that her triumphs must not just honor her family but must bear the weight of uplifting the whole community.

As a first generation Latina, the biggest hardships Linda’s faced stem from her fight to create spaces where her opinions are valid and respected across her cultural heritage and American society. From defending the right to voice her thoughts as a woman in the Mexican household that has nurtured her, to fighting to maintain and embrace her culture against the currents of xenophobia and restricting stereotypes that plague America’s cities. Her hope is to create a space in the Las Vegas community where Latino culture is celebrated and embraced, a space where young Latino students can thrive in and foster progress for the community.

As a CHCI intern, Linda hopes to gain a better perspective on public policy and the way the country is operated, with the goal of returning to Nevada and and implement what she’s learned to improve her community. She also hopes to meet new people and make new connections.