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CHCI-Toyota Intern
Hometown: Richmond, California
School: Wesleyan University
Major: Sociology
Placement: The Office of Rep. Raul Ruiz

Maria Nuñez is a proud immigrant from Morelos, Mexico. In 2001, accompanied by her mother and siblings, she immigrated to California with plans to reunite with her father, whom had been in the U.S for working purposes to sustain her family back home. Her parents believed the States would offer them better educational opportunities and career paths. Their unconditional support shaped her growth and led her to become independent, strong, and hardworking. She is very appreciative of their sacrifices and is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology at Wesleyan University.

Growing up in a predominately LatinX community exposed her to the social, economic, and political hardships immigrants like her parents face. Her experiences and identity sparked her interest in learning more about inequality and social justice. She has taken many courses that explore the nature of cultural tensions and precarity in America in order to understand how changes can be made. She put these critical thinking skills to practice in summer 2017 at the Immigrant Legal Resource Center in San Francisco, where she met incredible attorneys working to pass laws to improve immigration detention center conditions and provide legal help to further protect immigrants from unjust immigration raids. Moreover, she learned a lot about community outreaching, immigration policies, and lobbying.

This experience has reaffirmed her interest in pursuing a JD after graduating in order to fight for a more equitable for immigrants and other marginalized communities as an immigration attorney. As a CHCI intern, she hopes to learn more about the internal workings of the legislative process in government, develop her leadership skills and expand her connections.