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BP Foundation STEM Public Policy Fellow

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

School: Emory University

Degree: B.S., Neuroscience

Placement 1: American Public Health Association

Placement 2: Leadership Office of Rep. Nancy Pelosi

Morgan Brand attended the University of Washington before transferring to Emory University where she received a bachelor of science in neuroscience and behavioral biology with additional studies in sociology.

During her undergraduate career, Morgan worked with Jumpstart, an AmeriCorps program, advocating early childhood education by working to improve language and literacy in underserved preschools in Seattle and Atlanta. Additionally, Morgan worked for Volunteers for Intercultural and Definitive Adventures where she planned and participated in two week-long trips to rural areas of Costa Rica and Nicaragua with limited medical resources.

Morgan’s passion is promoting proper nutrition and healthy eating habits as a means of sustaining health. As a CHCI Public Policy Fellow, she hopes to add to her knowledge of public policy in order to positively influence the lives of people from underserved communities.