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Hometown: Orange Cove, California
School: California State University, Sacramento
Major: Political Science and Economics
Placement: United Farmworkers of America

Noel Lopez-Gomez is the only child in his family born in the United States.  His family faced many financial struggles while migrating from Mexico, and these struggles have helped shape him into the person he is today.  Noel finds motivation in his family, and he wants to take advantage of all his opportunities to help them.  He is the first in his family to continue his education beyond high school, and is currently a first year student at California State University, Sacramento with a declared major in Political Science/Economics and a minor in Communication Studies.  He wants to earn his degree and pursue a career politics, and feels strongly that more needs to be done to improve communities.  Noel  is passionate about everything he does and is proud of all the struggles he and his family have overcome

As a CHCI and CAMP intern, Noel aspires to develop and enrich his professional development in the field of Political Science. Noel aims to obtain real life experience in the field of politics through his internship, and develop leadership skills to help people throughout the world. Noel hopes one day he will become the first Hispanic President of the United States and represent the Latino community and all other communities.