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Rose I. Aviles – May 2012 Scholar of the Month

CHCI-Telemundo Scholarship Intern

Hometown: Lake Park, FL

Degree: B.A., Broadcast Journalism & International Relations

School: University of Miami

I am currently a senior at the University of Miami’s School of Communications. I have a double major, specifically studying broadcast journalism and international relations. Ultimately, I have chosen these two majors to converge the knowledge I attain from both, allowing me the possibility to go beyond the goals I have set in my life. Broadcast journalism has allowed me to understand the ethics and roles a journalist must abide by in society as a whole; meanwhile I also learn how to produce films. Studying international relations has given me a broad range of knowledge in multiple fields, both internationally and nationally. I have thus far explored an array of cultures, religions and civilizations, including that of my own, the Hispanic culture, some more in depth than others. Evolving dramatically in both of these fields of study, I have succeeded in growing mass amounts of knowledge and the eagerness to learn more. Furthermore, I feel I have opened up many options for my future, which is a goal I have achieved in obtaining my education. Creating documentaries that reach out to people, particularly creating awareness, is one of my goals as a successful film maker. That is only one of my aspirations.

My ultimate goal in life, after I obtain my Bachelor’s degree and possibly a Master’s Degree, is to be able to educate and save people by assisting with my research skills and contributing my studies and efforts for peoples overall well-being. I want to be able to take my skills to the next level and provide the next generations with information that will help them preserve and excel their children’s’ future as well as their own. I want to collectively help Hispanic communities around the world and help them develop the skills they need to further progress in life, leaving them with the ability to maintain and preserve their cultures as a result of intelligence. I further anticipate working with and possibly providing my volunteer services to and with communities around the world, which will also help accelerate my skills in cultural diversity.

When speaking of career goals, I immediately turn this journey to its main purpose which is being led to contribute my skills to help Hispanic communities progressively to creating brighter futures. Setting some goals within politics is another solution that would help me obtain my ultimate goal to helping people, especially the Hispanic communities. Educating is fundamental for survival, for we are in a new world, a world that proves it is survival of the fittest. I want to help prepare children to become leaders of society so we too can reach beyond our own aspirations as a Hispanic community and proceed in protecting our cultures.

Beyond all the other ways CHCI’s recognition has benefit my life, one of the most important yet is that it gave the exposure and confidence to embrace the challenges of my career future. CHCI provided me with confidence to accept new challenges with positive vigor I am grateful for the opportunity to work with NBCUniversal’s Telemundo Media. Being placed in the field is the best experience a graduate can discover. Not only have I achieved various major goals, but it has help me set in place even bigger goals.

I am excited for my future endeavors and progressing as a leader with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute.