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Roy Nuñez – November 2012 Scholar of the Month

My name is Roy Nuñez and I plan to enter the biology program at Bronx Community College in the fall of 2012 and continue the pursuit of an associate¹s degree in this field. I am also currently taking entrepreneurial courses with another privately funded organization. The classes I am taking are just some of the stepping-stones towards the goal of one day facilitating the establishment of my own Magnetic Imaging Resonance (MRI)/X-Ray center. My clinic will cater to individuals in the Bronx, which is predominately populated by people of Hispanic/Latino descent.

Many Bronx residents entertain unhealthy diets, which lead to various diseases that ail our society today. My 25-year-old brother suffers from a weak left ventricle and continues to indulge in an unhealthy diet against my persistent protests. I am a health nut and steadily encourage my family, friends and fellow Bronx residents to partake in healthier diets. I want to help my Latino culture address the problems that often manifest into irreversible illness that plague my community. Many underprivileged Latino families do not have the knowledge and/or the finances to maintain healthier lifestyle choices.

My medical center will cater to the young and elderly Latino families in my community and city. I plan to teach my people to implement nutritional strategies that will help many who are at risk for heart disease, diabetes, pulmonary complications, etc., and ultimately save lives. My clinic will strongly advocate health awareness, utilizing brochures, posters and TV advertising. I will eventually hire a stronger staff and provide medical nutrition therapy with strong diet regimens.

My family and I grew up in poverty in predominantly impoverished Latino communities. I am consistently working on encouraging others in my community to take action, whether it be by pursuing a higher education or by volunteering for community organizations. I have helped more than a handful of individuals acquire a G.E.D. Diploma. It is not an easy task persuading others to take actions that will benefit our community, but I always lead by example. As I continue to gain higher knowledge and a stronger positive of influence, I hope to one-day change the views many Latinos have and help them gain higher hopes and eliminate the stigmas that are associated with us. I will work endlessly to influence this change, so that my children, nieces, nephews and cousins have a better means to a better life.