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CHCI-Facebook Intern
Hometown: McAllen,Texas
School: University of Notre Dame
Major: Computer Science
Placement: The Office of Rep. Vicente Gonzalez

Stacy Manrique was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico to a Mexican mother and a Colombian-American father. At the age of eleven, Stacy and her family immigrated to McAllen, Texas due to the unceasing violence in Mexico at the time. Adapting to an entirely new lifestyle proved to be challenging, but soon she began overcoming obstacles. Throughout high school, Stacy was heavily involved in the National Hispanic Institute and the IB Volunteer Organization, which together taught her the importance of giving back and serving as a leader in her community. Lessons learned here would go on to form a basis for her career goals.

Stacy, a first-generation college student, currently attends the University of Notre Dame where she is a Latino Studies Scholar majoring in Computer Science. With her education, she aspires to explore the intersection between technology, media, and entertainment. She hopes to use technology to tell those stories that often go unnoticed or are misrepresented, and to address issues she deeply cares about, including immigration, the need for an all-inclusive and all-accessible education, as well as that of representation within the technology sector and the entertainment industry. Stacy would not only like to become a role model for Latinas pursuing a STEM career, but most importantly, a mentor.

As a CHCI intern, Stacy hopes to gain valuable insight about the legislative process, develop her leadership skills, and to have a unique experience that will leave her inspired and ready to address the global issues of today and tomorrow.