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November 2013 Junior Alumnus of the Month

Hometown: Miami, Florida

University: Florida International University

Major: Chemistry and Pre-med

CHCI Program: 2011 R2L NextGen; 2013 CHCI-United Health Foundation Scholar-Intern

In 2011, Stephany Feijoo, then a junior at John A. Ferguson high school in Miami, heard about CHCI through a scholarship search on Univision’s Es El Momento website. Little did she know that this discovery would lead to a life-long connection with CHCI!

Despite being enrolled in a bio-medical track at her high school and volunteering at a local hospital with an interest in studying medicine, Stephany applied to the R2L NextGen Program to learn more about civic engagement. “I thought the program was really unique and felt that I could benefit from the experience,” she says.

The program had a strong impact on Stephany. “While I participated in the program over three years ago, I have very special memories about my time in Washington, D.C. I met awesome Latino leaders like Esther Aguilera, CHCI’s President & CEO, who is an inspiration to me; I also met other driven high school students with similar goals and aspirations. The relationships and connections that I made during the program have allowed me to grow as a young Latina leader.”

Stephany returned to Miami with a strong commitment to continuing her education and pursuing her goals. While still in high school, she enrolled in classes at Miami Dade College, where she was introduced to the subject of Neurology. “I took a class that helped me fall in love with the brain, how it works and its amazing functions,” says Stephany. Her interest in the brain, paired with her desire to pursue a career that allowed her to serve others on a larger scale, reinforced her interest in pursuing a career in medicine.

Now a sophomore at Florida International University (FIU), where she is studying Chemistry with a Pre-med emphasis, Stephany has again been selected as a participant in a CHCI program. As a 2013 CHCI-United Health Foundation Scholar-Intern, Stephany will not only receive a scholarship towards her college expenses, but also have the opportunity to participate in a paid internship experience at a local health organization. Says Stephany, “I am really excited about this opportunity because it will allow me to serve others through an internship in my community and field of interest, help fund my college dreams of becoming a doctor and help me stay connected to CHCI’s powerful network.”

Stephany has big plans for the future. While her long-term goal is to attend medical school, she hopes to create a support network for Latino students who are interested in the medical field at FIU to help Latino students share resources, goals and aspirations in a supportive environment as they pursue careers in medicine. CHCI is proud to have Stephany as a member of the CHCI familia!