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Wesley Quevedo – July 2011 Scholar of the Month

2010 CHCI-United Health Foundation Scholar Intern

Hometown: Chicago, IL

School: Pomona College

Degree: BS, Biology

1. What field of study do you intend to pursue if you receive the CHCI Scholarship?

I plan to pursue a major in the field of science. My primary interest is in biology. There are many aspects of environmental science that are intriguing, especially sustainability. The Teenagers Exploring and Explaining Nature and Science (TEENS) program, has taught me about the various forms of sustainability. I have enjoyed the educational aspects and hands on opportunities the TEENS program has offered. I am confident that these experiences can be applied to future opportunities.

I am humble and grateful to be a positive example that children are not always a product of their environment. It is my desire that once I have received my undergraduate and graduate degrees in biology, I would still be involved in community service projects at my former high school. It is my goal to return to Jones College Prep on career day to discuss and promote minorities in underrepresented careers like biology. I am confident that my perseverance, leadership skills, patience, compassion, and ability to challenge myself to succeed in obtaining my goals will be reached.

2. How Has the Scholarship Changed Your Life?

It is with gratitude that I thank the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute for providing me with the CHCI Scholarship. I would also like to thank the United Health Foundation for giving me the opportunity to work in a health related field with its Scholarship Internship Program. With the financial assistance of the CHCI Scholarship, I am able to use this support to pay for necessities in college. The flexibility of the scholarship will allow me to purchase textbooks, notebooks, binders, flash drives, and an organizer. The CHCI Scholarship has relieved a small, but significant portion of the burden of finances related to college.

Through the United Health Foundation’s Scholarship Internship Program, I have been able to locate a health based organization that will allow me to gain experience in public relations through the health related field. The organization will provide me with the opportunity to interact with not only with its members, but patients as well. It is my hope that the completion of this program will provide me with more of an appreciation for others and a better vision for my future career in a science related field.