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Armando J. Rodríguez

Mr. Armando J. Rodríguez is the President & CEO of Grupo HIMA•San Pablo, he has served in this role since February of 2018. Before his current position he served as Executive Vice President for 14 years. Mr. Rodríguez has more than 24 years of experience in healthcare, including leadership in healthcare system administration, operations, strategic planning, business development, physician practice management and clinical service line administration. Prior to joining Grupo HIMA•San Pablo in 2004, he served as President of Corporación Puertorriqueña de Salud, Inc.

Mr. Rodríguez serves on the Board of Directors of several entities:

  • Grupo HIMA•San Pablo, Inc.
  • Mediko, Medicina Primaria, Inc.
  • Coberturas Médicas, Inc.
  • Mediko Imaging, Inc.
  • Mediko Red Aliados, Inc.
  • Coberturas Médicas of Florida, Inc.
  • Puerto Rico Local Investment, Inc.
  • Outsourcing Solutions, Inc.

…and several non-for-profit initiatives

  • Fundación Educativa HIMA San Pablo, Inc.
  • Fundación Oncológica HIMA Sand Pablo Inc.
  • HIMA Contigo, Inc.
  • Club Esthima, Inc.

Mr. Rodríguez has a Master of Health Administration from Cornell University and a BA in Business Economics and Minor Accounting from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.