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CHCI Joins Voto Latino To Help #EndFamilyDetention

CHCI Joins Voto Latino to Help #EndFamilyDetention

CHCI Joins Voto Latino to Help #EndFamilyDetention While the executive order has been signed, there is still a lot of work to be done. We must ensure for swift reunification and call for an end to family detention. The Trump Administration’s “Zero-tolerance” policy took days to execute but will leave…

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CHCI CEO Featured On Latino Magazine

CHCI CEO featured on Latino Magazine

Fostering the#Heretolead Generation The challenges our country faces—Latino and immigrant communities in particular—are too complex and convoluted for any one group to tackle alone. Our nation now more than ever needs leadership and perspective that mirrors our increasingly diverse population and nuanced realities faced by all. Since 1978, the Congressional…

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A Legal Limbo By Luis Epstein

A Legal Limbo by Luis Epstein

Kim had to hide her books. She kept them on the roof of her home in Monrovia, Liberia, out of her abusive half sister’s sight. At six years old, Kim left the coastal town of Lexington, where she had lived with her parents and 16 siblings, to move in with…

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