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Diversifying Congress, One Guidebook At A Time

With 2018 being called The Year of the Woman (in reference to the 1992 wave of women elected officials) and with the 116th Congress being the most diverse on record, it’s true that our nation’s government has become more diverse. Is this true about the staff that they hire? Currently people…

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Welcome to the VLI: A New Tool for Tomorrow’s Latino Leaders

I believe that the American Dream is accomplished when we work together and learn from each other. It is about carrying our parents' and grandparents' words of encouragement with us and remembering the countless sacrifices they made to get us closer to our goals. More importantly, it is not only…

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The Gap Between What We Say and What We Do

Throughout my career I’ve had the privilege to serve in various leadership roles and one thing I always kept in mind as I approached each one is, “del dicho al hecho hay mucho trecho.” It’s a Spanish-language proverb I learned when I was a young student that refers to the…

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