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The CHCI Alumni Association (CHCI-AA) is seeking candidates for its national and regional chapter boards for the 2021-2023 Term!

Are you #HereToLead? Consider running for a CHCI-AA volunteer leadership role if you are:

  • Passionate about CHCI’s mission to develop the next generation of Latinx leaders
  • Willing to commit a few hours per month to help organize activities for local CHCI Alumni to come together (with the support of the CHCI team!)
  • Looking for an exciting leadership development opportunity where you’ll work alongside other Latinx professionals in support of a great cause

Nominations are now being accepted for the following CHCI-AA leadership bodies:

  • CHCI-AA National Board
  • CHCI-AA Regional Chapters
    • Chicago, IL (and surrounding suburbs)
    • Dallas, TX (and surrounding suburbs)
    • New York City (5 Boroughs/Northern NJ/CT)
    • Phoenix, AZ (and surrounding suburbs)
    • Southern California (Los Angeles/Inland Empire/Orange County/San Diego)
    • South Florida (Miami and surrounding suburbs)
    • Washington, DC (Maryland/Virginia suburbs)

(Click the links to view position descriptions)


To declare your candidacy or to nominate another CHCI alumnus for a CHCI-AA elected office, please complete the nomination form.

The deadline to submit nominations is Monday, November 2, 2020, 11:59PM ET.

Nomination form direct link:

CHCI-AA Elections Process

For the 2020 Election Cycle, the CHCI Alumni Association has commissioned an independent ad hoc committee  to provide guidance and process recommendations, and ensure fairness, transparency, equity, participation, and a positive alumni (candidates and voters) experience. Throughout this Elections Process, CHCI will continue to provide equal support to all candidates,  and will work with the Elections Committee to ensure election oversight and integrity.

2020 CHCI-AA Elections Committee Members

  • Naomi Adaniya, 2005 Intern
  • Yessica Diaz Roman, 1997-1998 Public Health Fellow
  • Emily Noriega, 2014-2015 Public Policy Fellow
  • Humberto Ramos, 2018 Intern
  • Janine Ting Jansen, 2002 Intern

Elections Committee Resources

Questions or comments about the 2020 CHCI-AA Elections Process? Contact the EC directly at

Key Dates

Oct. 19 – Nov. 2:  CHCI opens Call for Candidates/Nominations process for CHCI-AA National and Regional Boards.
Tuesday, Nov. 3:  Nominees’ deadline must accept their nomination, if submitted by a third-party.
Friday, Nov. 6:  All candidates to submit the following materials to for election promotion.
Nov. 2 – 9:  CHCI-AA Elections Committee conducts informational interviews with all National and Regional Presidential candidates.
Nov. 2 – 27:  Candidates’ information and promotional content is shared with the alumni membership via the CHCI webpage, CHCI-AA social media channels and mass email.
Nov. 16 – 30:  CHCI-AA Elections period
Dec. 4 – 11:  Elections results are finalized by EC, approved by CHCI, and winners are announced.


  • Vote! CHCI-AA Leadership Elections will be held November 16 – 30
  • Be an Informed Voter: Review Candidate Profiles and watch/read Candidate campaign materials (to be posted on after November 6)
  • Show Support: Alumni are welcome to support a candidate by liking a social medial post and nominating fellow alums for positions.
  • Solicitations are Prohibited: All candidates and/or surrogates must refrain from engaging with an alumnus directly to solicit votes (including direct email/phone call or text/DMs).
  • Campaign Behavior: For any election concerns (solicitation, not maintaining professional decorum), alumni may submit an Election Violation Report or contact