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CHCI and Others Continue to March

This past Sunday, CHCI gathered in Tornillo, Texas supporting Voto Latino and a resolute congregation of citizens, community members, elected officials, celebrities and advocates demanding accountability and for the immediate reunification of children with their families who were inhumanly separated due to the “Zero-Tolerance” policy.

Inspired and not backing down, we will not stand for the dehumanization of our neighbors, friends, and families nor will we let ourselves be torn and divided. This is not a partisan issue but a humanitarian crisis.

Our outcry for “zero-hate” and “zero-injustice” continues as hundreds of supporters from across the country will once again gather this Saturday to declare #FamiliesBelongTogether.

We must continue to rally against unjust laws and this administration’s quick-fix solutions, pushing for real reform and standing up for the principles on which our America was founded upon.

Join CHCI and countless other community leaders in solidarity as we march this Saturday, June 30th, to declare #FamiliesBelongTogether!

Call your representative and visit to:

  • Find a march near you
  • Donate
  • Spread the word