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CHCI Announces Its 2016 Public Policy Conference Topics

CHCI today announced the full agenda for its 2016 Public Policy Conference on September 13-14, 2016, part of its 39th Annual Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) celebration in Washington, D.C. With the theme Educate.Engage. Vote, CHCI’s conference will focus on the important role Latinos will play in this year’s upcoming elections, while hosting important policy sessions on issues from health care and education, to energy and technology.

CHCI’s 2016 Public Policy Conference will host the most policy sessions in its history, with 22 sessions devoted to providing best practices and the latest information on issues that directly impact Latinos.

Main Stage Sessions

  • Opening Plenary: The Latino Vote – Engaging Our Community, Making Our Voices Heard
  • Leadership Through Inclusion: Reporting on Progress and Addressing Barriers to Diversity in the Tech Sector
  • Closing Plenary: The Unchanging Landscape for Latinos in Entertainment
  • Equality Luncheon: Income and Education Equality – The Skills Gap and How Latinos Fare

Policy Summits (Day 1)

  • Engagement: Vision 2020 – Latino Clout, the Census, and Millennials Coming of Age
  • Criminal Justice Reform: Why Latinxs Need to Coalesce Behind Real Change
  • Homeland Security: Community Readiness Strategies for the Latino Community
  • Health: Fulfilling the Promise of the Affordable Care Act for Latinas
  • Housing: Is Homeownership for Latinos a Fleeting American Dream?
  • Connect, Empower, & Support: How Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) Can Foster Diversity in the Tech Sector
  • Higher Education
  • Commerce: Understanding the Hispanic Consumer
  • Environment – Healthy Parks, Healthy Latinos

Policy Summits (Day 2)

  • Health: Creating a Pipeline to Health Care Professions
  • Energy-Renewables/Green/Solar/Wind
  • Labor Summit
  • Economy: Promoting Financial Literacy and Economic Empowerment for Latinos
  • Media: Profound Changes in Media Impact and How Latinos Get News and Information
  • Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric and Latino Health Access
  • Education: Ensuring All Kids Count – What the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Means for the Latino Community
  • Energy Summit
  • Taxes: Strengthening the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit to Benefit Latino Families

View the Full Agenda