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CHCI President & CEO Domenika Lynch Reflects on 2016

The end of the year has arrived; it is a time for reflection and recharge. For me, the last six months have felt like a whirlwind, the wind fast and furious – yet exhilarating and at times perplexing. And yet, the opportunity to lead CHCI has felt like a sacred obligation that I am honored to accept.

The youth are our future. The opportunities provided to them are their transformation. At this inflection point of our collective history, CHCI has a heightened responsibility to launch Latino leaders who are change-agents – who will be the caretakers of our humanity long after we are gone.

Regardless of our political or cultural vantage points, we all felt the effects of a polarizing national election. While there are challenges on the horizon, our hope is vested in the young Latinos who will be the next American leaders.

I am proud to report that in 2016, through CHCI’s social media outreach, scholarships and leadership programs, including our Fellowship and Congressional Internship Program, we reached thousands of young Latinos who have the enthusiasm, courage and talent to guide our community into a better day.

The CHCI Leadership and our 3400+ alumni span the political spectrum with a range of interests and opinions as broad as the Latino community itself. Their bold, persistent leadership and fresh perspective is needed now more than ever.

In 2017, CHCI will celebrate 40 years. As we reflect on the past four decades and honor the trailblazers who have paved the way, we will also prepare ourselves for the critical work that lies ahead. We recognize that reinvention and embracing change are necessary for any organization to succeed in the 21st century.

This is why, with the support of our mission partners, CHCI will be visible and vocal in asserting the values of fairness, inclusion, equal opportunity and respect. CHCI’s top priority in 2017 is promoting these universal principles in the workforce, by ensuring that the government, nonprofit and private sectors look like the people they serve and consumers they seek.

We have great plans, yet recognize that our plans are only as strong as the commitment from our partners.

You can make a difference by contributing whatever amount is right for you. Every gift catapults our progress, contributes to the leadership experience of our program participants and is an expression of commitment to developing the leadership our community needs.

Thank you for your continued dedication to CHCI. Only through your contribution will CHCI continue its 40-year legacy and secure a bright future.

May you and your family enjoy a peaceful and joyous holiday season!

Domenika Lynch
President and CEO
Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI)