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Dr. Teri Heiland

Dr. Teri Heiland is the Sr. Vice President of Research and Development at Immunomic Therapeutics and cofounder of the Company. She has over 20 years of senior industry leadership experience. Her primary focus and expertise is in DNA vaccine design, optimization and development. In addition to her work to develop, shape and apply the UNITE technology platform, she has led multiple research teams to develop products and platform technologies. Dr. Heiland is also one of the founders of Capital Genomix, Inc. (CGI), a Maryland-based biomarker and drug discovery Company and served as its VP of Research and Development until 2006.

As a key contributor to the Immunomic executive team, Dr. Heiland plays a critical role in forging and achieving leading new research and development collaborations in order to further improve the UNITE platform and develop new applications for the technology. In 2015, those efforts resulted in an exclusive license valued at over $300 million with Japan-based Astellas for next generation allergy vaccines based on the UNITE platform.

Dr. Heiland is an inventor on multiple patents and was a principal investigator on grants from the Department of Defense and NIAID. She received her Ph.D. in Molecular Immunology and Microbiology at the University of Missouri-Columbia.