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Five Women Entrepreneurs Share The Best Advice They’ve Ever Received

Looking to successful leaders and entrepreneurs in the Latino community who have paved the way for younger generations and listening to their stories is beneficial when planning a future and preparing for what may lie ahead.

ForbesWomen recently interviewed five successful Women Entrepreneurs and asked them to share some of the best advice they have received. Their advice ranged from being as simple as “Lean in” to remembering to understanding that “the highs in life wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable if we didn’t also experience the lows.”

A common thread for many of the women interviewed is that their journeys had many ups and downs, but they remained steadfast and confident in their decisions and their capabilities as individuals to deal with struggle and come out successful in the end.

Finding a role model that is a successful leader in the Latino community is a great way to get inspired and learn. For millions of Latinos seeking to become a voice for good and looking for a platform to help advance those around them, VLI is providing the resources necessary to make those dreams realities.

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