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EPISODE 11: Dr. Ellen Ochoa – We Are All Scientists

Dr. Ellen Ochoa shares her journey as one of the only women, and only Latinas, in STEAM. Through hard work and perseverance, she made her way into our history books as the first Latina woman to go to space. Dr. Ochoa opens up about her career trajectory, her leadership philosophy, and her advice for the next generation of Latinos in STEAM.
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EPISODE 10: The Present, and the Future, is Latina

Rep. Linda Sanchez never saw herself as a leader growing up but once she learned to operate as a leader, there was no stopping her. Throughout her career in Congress, she’s broken a number of glass ceilings - paving the way not just for Latinas, but for all women to do the same.
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Julissa Reynoso


Ambassador to Spain and Andorra, Julissa Reynoso, joins this episode of Here to Lead where she shares her story as an immigrant in New York having to learn a new language. Through commitment, hard work, and discipline she later finds herself in some of the most powerful spaces in the country – and the world – as Chief of Staff to First Lady Jill Biden and an ambassador representing the U.S. overseas.
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