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How To Lean On Your Latinx Community During Tough Times

If there’s one lesson most Latinxs learn early in their lives it’s that hard times are meant to be kept behind closed doors. We’ve talked before on CHCI’s blog about the importance of finding Latinxs who will understand your lived experiences as you build your career, but once you’ve found…

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How To Check In With Yourself While Growing Your Career

Navigating college or building a career isn’t easy. As a Latinx person, you’re not only navigating new experiences, you’re also trying to figure out how to bring along your culture and the family who sacrificed so much for you. The pressure coming from more than one side makes it difficult…

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4 Books You’ll Want To Read This Fall

Fall and books go hand in hand. Whether you’re reading them in cozy corners or finding time to get a few pages in during your commute, they help remind you that new opportunities arise with every new season you step into. Fall is no different.  As Latinxs, it’s no secret…

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Paying It Forward Can Help Remind You Why You Started

I’ve been reporting on Latina entrepreneurs for over three years now and every time I sit down to chat with a Latina trailblazer there’s always something that comes up — their desire to pay it forward and bring others up with them. I’m sure that this is a quality many…

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