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Summer 2010 Congressional Intern

Claudia Valencia is the Licensure Recruitment Coordinator for the Illinois State Board of Education, where she leads all aspects of international teacher recruitment for the State of Illinois and builds partnerships with countries via their Embassies and Consulates to develop, promote and encourage international teacher and cultural exchange. Most recently, she served as International Services Coordinator at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where her work focused on advising the F-1 international student population. Her travel experiences and knowledge of different cultures has benefited her greatly in her current and past roles as it has allowed her to practice her work with compassion, empathy and understanding. Claudia is passionate about immigration work and found that was her calling during her time spent serving the community at Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez’s (D-IL) district office in Chicago. Her work over the years has allowed her to learn about the forces that drive individuals to depart their native countries in search of opportunities abroad. This has helped her develop workshops and programs that assist international and immigrant communities navigate U.S. culture in hopes of facilitating their transition to their temporary or permanent new homes.

A Chicago native, Claudia joined the CHCI Alumni Association Chicago Chapter in 2016, first as a general member and later as the chapter’s President. She most recently served as the CHCI-AA National Professional Development Chair. Chicago has a strong base of CHCI alumni and Claudia’s goal was to have the chapter engage with as many local alumni as possible to foster a sense of community through their shared experiences in Washington D.C. and their experiences as young professionals in Chicago. During her spare time, Claudia enjoys spending time with her puggle, Frida and staying up-to-date with current fashion trends.