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As the Chief Global Diversity Officer, Mr. Gonzalez is the enterprise business leader accountable for Bristol Myers Squibb’s (BMS) Global Diversity and Inclusion strategy and operating plan driving business performance. In this leadership role, he is responsible for building the 21st century workforce and a patient-centric culture of inclusion that drives transformative scientific innovation, powerful employee engagement, intentional societal engagement and business impact, placing BMS at the forefront of the health life sciences industry. To drive competitive advantage in this turbulent, globally complex business environment, Mr. Gonzalez has pioneered the science of “big data”, data analytics and its predictive power to drive actionable business decisions in executing the Global Diversity and Inclusion operating plan.

To further advance this competitive point-of-difference for BMS in the marketplace, a game-changing approach toward building a powerful culture of inclusion has focused on the execution of disruptive global business models for employee engagement and inclusive leadership behaviors based on the forward -thinking integration of neuroscience and habit formation to drive global impact. Additionally, to build stronger patient trust in an environment of geopolitical, policy and reputational complexity, an integrated, intentional approach toward societal engagement is being driven through the development of external strategic partnerships with corporations, governmental and non-governmental organizations, communities and key influential worldwide. Currently he serves on the Global Human Resource Leadership Team, executive lead for the Global Diversity and Inclusion Council as well as business partner to the BMS Leadership Team.