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Madeline Martinez

Madeline Martinez is a board member for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) and co-founder and chair of the NORML Women’s Alliance. In 2009, Martinez opened the first private cannabis consumption lounge in the United States, The World Famous Cannabis Café. The Café closed for hiatus in 2015, and Martinez has focused her efforts on bringing about statewide legislation that would legitimize both her business and the will of the people of Oregon to consume cannabis socially in safe and legal settings.

Martinez has been involved in cannabis activism since 1998, a few years after retiring from her career at the California Department of Corrections. Since then, she has become an undeniable and effective force in the legislative reforms surrounding cannabis legalization in both Oregon and the United States at large. As Newsweek put it in a 2016 special edition about the cannabis industry, Martinez is “Changing how we live.”

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