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Miosotis Soto

Miosotis Soto was born and raised in Puerto Rico to a struggling working-class family. Despite the struggles faced, Soto was fortunate to receive an education that allowed her to be the first of her family to pursue and graduate as Magna Cum Laude from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus (UPR-RP). Before entering the UPR-RP, she got certificated on journalism at the University of the Sacred Heart. After this, she began her undergraduate studies in the School of Business Administration with majors in Marketing and Human Resources. During her academic years, she excels in both classes and extracurricular activities such as the General Student Council where she became the only female in the board of directors. During this role she became outstanding for her passion and hard work representing all students, staff and the community, launching innovating programs and campaigns focusing on teaching students their rights, opportunities and even creating support programs for victims of harassment and bullying. Additionally, she volunteered as a mentor of freshmen students and became part of several organizations which include the Lyric Theater AIESEC, Pre-Law Society, AMSA and organizer of fundraisers to help cancer patients. During her spare time, she practices the arts including piano, painting, writing stories and singing.

Her first internship was in Veterans Affairs in St. Louis, MO, following by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) where she interned for Sen. Charles E. Schumer, an opportunity that let her return to Washington DC a semester later as part of the Córdova y Fernós Internship Program. This time, she interned for Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez while organizing cultural events and volunteering as a mentor for other programs. Through this internship she became the right hand of both the immigration lawyer and foreign affairs staffer, allowing her to use her bilingual skills to solve immigration and deportation cases for everyone who requested it, including non-constituents. After the completion of this internship, she was selected to participate in the Federal Diversity Internship Initiative where she interned for the Department of Veteran Affairs in Puerto Rico, helping veterans and their families with cases, benefits request and the Privacy Act.

On Fall 2014 Soto was awarded the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship grant that allowed her to expand her studies to new topics and new country; Madrid. Soto enrolled at the Autonomous University of Madrid signing up for courses outside her mayor focusing on her interest in society. This courses included International Economy, Psychology of Personality and Negotiation, and Sociology focused on inequality and discrimination. While studying abroad, she volunteers correspondent for the Reach the World Organization sharing her stories and tips to middle and high schools in the US with interest in studying abroad. At the same time, she became a spokesperson for the ERASMUS Student Network where she was interview by Barcelona TV and the Government of Madrid.

In 2016 she was selected to intern at the National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) Goddard Space Flight Center internship that became her current role. As the Communication Specialist of NASA’s Technology Transfer Office, she is in charged of technology commercialization, leading international and minority-focused partnerships, and developing initiatives to help the economic development of minority regions. Soto’s passion for assisting Puerto Rico has continued through the years, becoming evident in each role she takes. An example of this is the creation of the Puerto Rico Development Project (PR-DP) with NASA technology and Sustainable Energy Initiative to which presented to Puerto Rico’s congress. Miosotis is one of the co-founders of the ReEnvision magazine for SPO, which published in summer 2016. Additionally, is a member of different organizations such as Bridging America which unifies the Latino and Jewish community in DC, lead in various associations and organizations in Washington DC, and is an active volunteer in the city for social causes that include health, education, mentoring and helping minorities. Because of this, she
became an Alum Mentor for The Washington Center on 2017 where she tutored students from all around the world, helping them achieve their professional goals and serving as their primary resource for counseling, mediating and cultural integration.

Her busy schedule does not restrain her for continuously volunteering as an advocate for women’s rights, mentor, and working in several organizations aiming to help aid the fiscal crisis in Puerto Rico. Her positive, pragmatic and go-getter attitude has made her stand up in each role she undertakes, but her empathy, solution-focused mindset, and capability to work for the uplifting of others is what makes her remarkable and unforgettable.