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Young Latinos of the Obama White House: Witnesses, Participants in History

CHCI is very proud to see our alumni and staff be a part of NBC’s story featuring Latinos who worked on President Barack Obama’s campaigns and have served in his Administration.

WASHINGTON D.C — At first glance, the young Latinos gathered for a group photo on a winding driveway seem like typical millennials. Awaiting direction from a photographer, they chatted about mutual friends and work. One young man helped another straighten his tie, while two women took a selfie together. “Are you on Snapchat?” someone asked.

But these are no typical millennials. This group stood inside the gates of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. They were posed just a stone’s throw from the West Wing, beside the set-up of media outlets from around the world. They were standing, literally and figuratively, at the nexus of power and politics in the United States, and they have worked on issues affecting the lives of millions of Americans.

These are the Latino millennials of the Obama White House – where more young Hispanics have worked than in any previous administration and an important part of his legacy.

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