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CHCI-Toyota Intern
Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas
School: Arkansas Tech University
Major: Political Science
Placement: The Office of Rep. Norma Torres

Lesly Mendez was born in Little Rock, Arkansas where both of her parents immigrated to the U.S from Guatemala during their teenage years. The adversities she has faced at a young age has led her to take an interest in pursuing a degree in Political Science. As a first-generation Latina it is important for her to further her education and give back to her community as well to make her family proud. She has led several demonstrations in Little Rock regarding injustices with migrant families.

Lesly is currently a junior at Arkansas Tech University in Russellville, AR. She is majoring in Political Science and minoring in Leadership Studies and Spanish. She has worked closely with and organized grassroots efforts to advocate for the rights of immigrants, including efforts to mobilize residents in the surrounding communities to support policies that would provide protection and/or resources for families that have been displaced or are seeking citizenship. Upon completing her undergraduate degree, she hopes to work for nonprofits to advocate for social justice and human rights. Her goal is to serve people that face these injustices and provide them with opportunities to strive for a better life.

As a CHCI Intern, Lesly hopes to have a better understanding about the legislative process and learn the components of how Congress carries through the essential laws needed to live an equitable life. She hopes that this experience will serve her to be a better advocate for the Latinx communities of Arkansas and across the Nation.