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Cristian Rodriguez is a New York native, with a passion for equity, justice, and inclusion in public policy and politics. Cristian has worked in Congress for over three years, and currently serves as an Engagement Aide for Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer. In this role, Cristian engages with national advocacy groups and stakeholders to discuss political strategy and promote the agenda of Senate Democrats. Cristian has previously served as a SUNY Student Association Representative, where he represented over 1.4 million students across the State of New York, and as a concerned citizen, where he led a coalition of over 250 alumni to pressure his local school board to adopt an intersectional and unbiased sexual health curriculum. Throughout his roles, Cristian has been an advocate for closing the TAP Gap in New York State, ending sexual assault in high school and college campuses, protecting DACA recipients, increasing civic engagement and participation across college campuses, and promoting diversity across differing sectors. Cristian is an alum of SUNY Fredonia, where he holds two Bachelor degrees in Applied Music and Political Science.